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Resort opening date: 16th April 2021

Updated: Wednesday 15th July 2020

As part of our Safe Hands initiative, there are a number of protocols in place to ensure that your stay with us is both safe and enjoyable.

We would also like to share with you some of the government regulations for the UK which you will need to bear in mind when not aboard the boat.

For yours and the marina teams’ safety, all team members are wearing PPE in accordance with established guidelines and regulations in the river and maritime industry.

Please ensure that you maintain the recommended physical distance between yourself and non-family members at all possible times.

Please watch the handover video before arriving at the marina.

We hope you enjoy your holiday!

General Destination
  • The canal network reopened to full navigation on 1 June and strategic measures, based on the guidelines that have been produced by government, British Marine, and the Canal & River Trust are in place to help keep all staff and Guests safe during the pandemic.
  • While you are cruising you may use infrastructure such as locks or swing bridges. For your own safety you may wish to wear gloves while operating or wash your hands once you have finished the operation.
  • At Canaltime marinas, there will be physical distancing of 2 metres. Please follow directional and distancing signage.
  • Please bring face coverings for handover and training.
  • Further advice and guidance for using the canals safely can be found here.
  • Up-to-date travel advice from the UK government can be found here.
Check In/Boat Handovers
  • Only one member of the party to report to reception.
  • Boat collection times are staggered to reduce the number of people on site at one time.
  • Temporary marquees have been erected as waiting areas to allow for Guests to maintain physical distancing.
  • The handover will be restricted to maximum two persons only and will include instruction on how to steer and operate the boat. Both persons must wear face coverings.
  • Extra cleaning measures are in place for all boats between each use. This includes the use of approved antiviral cleaning products and paying extra attention to surfaces that are touched regularly, such as door handles, taps, guard rails and keys.
  • Regular “fogging” of an approved antiviral disinfectant will take place each time a boat has been vacated and standard cleaning completed.
Communal Areas
  • All reception areas are regularly cleaned.
  • Hand sanitisers/gel or hand washing facilities are available. Guests are encouraged to wash hands regularly with soap and use the hand sanitisers/gels.
Check Out
  • Please place the bed coverings, tea towels and towels into the plastic bag provided and leave on the rear deck of your boat.
  • Boat collection times are staggered to reduce the number of people on site at one time.
  • Guests are encouraged to use contactless payment when settling their account.

Below you will find entry requirements for the UK. They are applicable to all visitors to the UK in addition to the regular requirements of passport/National ID etc, provided there is an agreement between the UK and the country of departure. Further information is available on your government’s website.

Entry to the UK
Testing/screening on arrival
  • Temperature screening is in place in some, but not all UK airports.
  • If you arrive in the UK from a country that is not on the list of exempt countries, you must self-isolate for 14 days and be able to provide evidence of where you will quarantine.
  • Full information on how and where to self-isolate can be found here.

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