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CLC Benal Beach

Costa del Sol

Resort opening date: 24th July 2020

Updated: Friday 7th May 2021

As part of CLC World’s Safe Hands initiative, there are a number of resort protocols in place to ensure that your stay with us is both safe and enjoyable.

The resort has been registered by the Junta de Andalucia as a “safe resort”, meaning you can enjoy your holiday with confidence. We would also like to share with you some of the government regulations for Andalucia, Spain which you will need to bear in mind when not on resort.

For yours and the CLC World team’s safety, all CLC World team members are wearing PPE in accordance with established guidelines and regulations in the hotel industry. CLC World has also installed screens at high contact points around the resort.

Please ensure that you maintain the recommended physical distance between yourself and non-family members at all possible times.

We hope you enjoy your holiday!

General Destination

Passenger travel to Spain is restricted to EU and Schengen associated state citizens, those who are legally resident in the EU or in Schengen associated sates, or those passengers who can demonstrate that their journey is essential.

Travelling by air: Travellers must be able to present a negative PCR, TMA or LAMP test taken within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival into Spain.

Overland travel: All overland travellers (road or train) are required to present a negative PCR, TMA or LAMP test within 72 hours prior to entering Spain. While these testing requirements don’t apply to overland travellers from Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar, travel to Spain from all locations is limited.

Update as from 9th May 2021 – Travel restrictions and curfews within the autonomous region of Andalucía have been lifted. Bars and Restaurants may open up to midnight and groups of up to 8 people are permitted inside & 10 outside.

  • Masks are compulsory at all times in public spaces for everyone aged 6 and over, both open and confined, regardless of whether physical distancing can be maintained. Exceptions are when eating/drinking, swimming, exercising, at the beach or poolside. Fines can be issued by the authorities for failure to comply.
  • Physical distancing should still be maintained wherever possible, other than among family members.
  • It is compulsory to wear masks on public transport.
  • Taxis – a maximum of 4 people allowed per standard taxi and 8 in the larger people carrier. Masks must be worn.
Check In
  • Please supply travel details in advance to reduce waiting times.
  • Only the lead Member of the party will go to Reception, with all the passports of the group and a valid credit card, to complete the check in process.
  • There is no porter service. Luggage will be safely stored in a luggage room until Guests are ready to collect it.
  • If the apartment is ready at check in, Guests will be given the sanitised room key.
  • If the apartment is not ready at check in, Guests can make use of the resort whilst the apartment is serviced. Reception will send an SMS message when the apartment is ready.
  • The apartments are fully equipped with a personal kitchen and a supply of linen and towels.
  • The apartments will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using approved cleaning products.
  • Once the apartment has been disinfected there will be a seal on the door to be removed on entry by the guest.
  • A number of soft furnishing items have been removed to increase hygiene protocol e.g. bed throws, cushions, rugs.
  • The CLC World grocery welcome pack has been replaced with a hygiene pack.
  • Currently, mid-week cleans are not available.
  • A mid-week change of towels, or other in-room requirements will be delivered to the door without staff entering.
  • Remote controls have been sealed in plastic to further enhance hygiene standards.
  • Please use the rubbish collection and recycling centres around the resort.
  • Upon departure, place all linen and towels in the bath/shower for collection and leave the unit in as tidy a state as possible to facilitate the changeover before the arrival of the next guests.
Bars & Restaurants
  • There are no CLC World managed restaurants at Benal Beach. Suitable restaurants in the area should be following the strict hygiene protocols for the safety of all.
  • It is advisable to book a table at your preferred restaurant to avoid disappointment.
Communal Areas (incl. pools)
  • Hygiene protocols for all public areas have been increased. Use of sanitisation equipment will be carried out by trained members of staff.
  • Hand sanitisers/gels are available throughout the resort. Guests are encouraged to wash hands regularly with soap and use the hand sanitisers/gels.
  • Swimming pools & aquatic slides will be open as of 24th July 2020.


  • It is recommended only one person, or one family, to use the lift at a time. Failing this, a mask must be worn.

Sunbeds & Pools

  • Pool areas including sunbeds fixtures and fittings will be sanitised daily.
  • Guests are required to sanitise sunbeds prior to use.
  • Currently, capacity of the swimming pool areas is restricted to 50%. Guests are encouraged to swim, and then return to private terraces should there be no sunbed available at the poolside.
Excursions & Activities
  • Excursions and activities are constantly reviewed. Up-to-date information can be found at Reception.
  • Currently, parent led activities are: Table Tennis, Pool Table, Jogging routes and day visits to the beach.
Check Out
  • Check out is 10am on the day of departure.
  • Guests are encouraged to settle the bill the night prior to departure. Reception can take credit card payments over the phone and can provide a copy of the bill via the email supplied at check in.
  • If Guests are required to move apartments during a multiple week stay, please pack belongings and once invited to, move to the new apartment.
  • Access to a luggage storage room can be organised for Guests via Reception.
  • Currently, there is no Courtesy Room facility at the resort.

Below you will find additional entry requirements for Spain. They are applicable to all visitors to Spain in addition to the regular requirements of passport/National ID etc, provided there is an agreement between Spain and the country of departure. Further information is available at Spanish Travel Health portal and your government’s website.

Testing/screening on arrival in Spain

On arrival, travellers entering Spain from the UK will not be required to self-isolate.

However, from 23 November 2020, all passengers (excluding children under the age of 6 years old) travelling to Spanish airports and ports from ‘risk’ countries (as determined by the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control) will be required to present a negative PCR swab test taken within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival, in order to enter the country.

From 10 December 2020, a TMA (Transcription-Mediated Amplification) swab test or a LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) test are also accepted by Spanish authorities, again taken within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival. While TMA and LAMP tests are not currently widely available in the UK, you should refer to testing facilities directly for specific information on the types of tests available to you, prior to booking an appointment. The UK is currently on the ‘risk’ countries list and passengers arriving from the UK are therefore subject to this requirement.

This requirement applies to all passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea, regardless of your residency status in Spain and the length of time you intend on staying. Property owners in Spain are subject to this requirement.

If you are travelling by air or sea to Spain, you must declare on the mandatory ‘Health Control Form’ listed below, that you have undertaken a PCR, TMA or LAMP test within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival, have tested negative for COVID-19, and can show on request evidence certifying your results. The document you provide must be the original, be written in Spanish or English, may be submitted in paper or electronic format and must contain the following information:

  • name of passenger
  • passport number or ID card number (the number provided must match the one provided on the Health Control Form)
  • test date
  • name and contact details of the testing centre
  • testing method applied (ie PCR)
  • test results

You will also be subject to the following additional requirements at the point of entry. It is mandatory for all passengers travelling to Spain to fill out and sign a Health Control Form 48 hours prior to travel, providing the Spanish Ministry of Health with:

  • contact information
  • details of any known history of exposure to COVID-19, and
  • confirmation that you are able to provide evidence, certifying that you have undertaken a PCR (swab) test within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival and have tested negative for COVID-19

You can do this on the Spain Travel Health website or downloadable app. On completion, you will be issued a personal and non-transferable QR code which you must show (electronically or hardcopy) at airport health controls on arrival. Anyone who has not completed this form electronically via the Spain Travel Health website or app, may submit it in paper format prior to boarding.

  • temperature check
  • undergo a visual health assessment

Anyone who presents symptoms or fails to meet one of the above requirements will be required to undergo a test on arrival and will be obliged to observe the COVID-19 protocols in place as determined by the local authorities of your destination in Spain.

Checks will be carried out on arrival to confirm travellers have undergone a COVID-19 PCR, TMA or LAMP test and have tested negative. A minimum fine of €3000 may be issued to anyone who arrives in Spanish airports and ports from ‘risk’ countries without adequate evidence of a negative PCR, TMA or LAMP test.

Passengers may also be contacted and required to undertake a PCR, TMA or LAMP test at any point up to 48 hours after their arrival in Spain.

Transiting Spain (including visiting Gibraltar)

Transiting Spanish airports from the UK to another international destination is not currently permitted. This includes airside transits where travellers do not leave the international zone of the airport (i.e. do not pass Spanish border control and do not enter into Spanish territory). If you are due to transit Spain from the UK, you should contact your travel operator.

Travellers due to transit Spain on return to the UK, are allowed to transit through Spanish airports. You should be prepared to show evidence of your connecting flight. Should your transit involve passing through Spanish border control into Spanish territory, you may be required to present a negative PCR, TNA or LAMP test. Please contact your travel operator before departure.

A negative PCR, TNA or LAMP test taken within the 72 hours prior to arrival is not required for those entering Spain by land (by road or by rail). Further information on the test is available from the Spanish authorities here.

If you are travelling to Spain via Gibraltar, check the latest entry requirements and travel advice for Gibraltar. Spain have announced that from 22 December 2020, UK nationals will only be able to enter Spain via Gibraltar if you are a Spanish national, you are legally resident in Spain or Gibraltar or a cross-border worker.

Inter-regional travel is permitted, providing your point of origin and destination do not fall within a confined area where entry and exit restrictions are in place. Transiting confined areas to reach your final destination is permitted, however you should be prepared to show evidence of your onward journey such as train or flight tickets to your final destination.

UK Travel Requirements

Under current UK COVID-19 restrictions, you must stay at home. You must not leave home or travel, including abroad, unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so. Check the rules that apply to you in EnglandScotlandWales and Northern Ireland.

If you’re travelling to England you must either quarantine in the place you’re staying or in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 days because of coronavirus (COVID-19). What you need to do depends on where you travel in the 10 days before you arrive in England.
You must also get 2 coronavirus tests after you arrive in England. You’ll need to book these before you travel.

Find out how to book the tests you must get after you arrive in England and if you need to book a quarantine hotel.

Find out what to do if you’re:

You cannot currently enter the UK if you’ve been in or through a country on the banned travel list (sometimes known as the ‘red list’) in the last 10 days, unless you’re British, Irish or you have the right to live in the UK.

Before you leave for the UK

You’ll need to:

  • complete a passenger locator form
  • provide proof of a negative coronavirus test

Find out more about what you’ll need to do before you leave for the UK because of coronavirus.

Your passport or identity card will be checked when you arrive at a UK port or airport to make sure you’re allowed to come into the country. It should be valid for the whole of your stay.

You may also need a visa to come into or travel through the UK, depending on your nationality.

UK Nationals – From 1st January 2021, the UK is no longer part of the EU and travel requirements have changed. Please refer to the UK government’s website for more information.

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