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Press Statement



30th December 2019

Club La Costa World resort continues to co-operate fully with the authorities investigating this tragedy.

Naturally, we will continue to offer every assistance and comply fully and transparently to requests made by them.

Comments have recently been made in the media attributed to the legal team acting for the family.
Claims made in these statements are incompatible with the findings of the police investigation and formal reports which have been
publicly released to date.

The inspections carried out by the authorities make it clear that their exhaustive investigations have confirmed the pool was working normally.

These are findings of the police investigation and not our own internal findings as has been wrongly reported by some media.

CLC World can confirm that the pool remains closed out of respect to the victims of this tragedy and that guests have been, and are being, directed to other pools.

Our sympathies remain with the family at what we understand must be a stressful and desperately upsetting time for them.



Declaración de la Guardia Civil (español)

27th Dec 2019. The Civil Guard (Police) investigated points to a tragic accident:

• Initial tests/evidence determine that it is a tragic accident due to the lack of expertise in swimming of the victims.

• Investigators have taken statements from all the people who took part in the events, including family members, who were the only direct witnesses to what happened.

December 27, 2019.- The investigation of the Civil Guard, after carrying out different tests and taking statements of the people who intervened in the tragic event that occurred on December 24, points to a tragic accident, in principle caused by the lack of expertise of the victims when swimming.

The incident occurred around 1:30 pm in the complex “Club La Costa” located in the municipality of Mijas (Málaga) when, according to the statement of a member of the family, a direct witness of the incident, three other family members (aged 9,14 and 16 years) were in the shallowest area of the pool of the enclosure where the family was staying since the 22nd Dec, while their parents remained sunbathing.

At one point, the 14-year-old sister left the pool, watching from outside how her little sister (aged 9) then entered the deepest area and from where she then got into trouble.

Upon observing this fact, her 16-year-old brother came to her aid, but then also had the same problems to get out of the deep zone.

The sister who was out of the water raised the alarm to her parents, and her mother went to get help from other neighbours while her father went into the pool to rescue her children, an action that he could not perform because he did not know how to swim.

After the rescue of the bodies, resuscitation attempts were carried out but unsuccessful.

That same afternoon, agents of the Underwater Activities Group of the Civil Guard (GEAS) conducted several tests on the pool water purification and recycling system, which included engines, and valves, as well as a dive to collect possible traces of evidence. They found no irregularity in the aforementioned inspections although they recovered a swimming cap owned by the 9year old, which was in the pool.

Similarly, police officers collected water samples, which are currently being analysed at the Centre for Toxicology.

The autopsy of the bodies indicates that they died by drowning, discounting in principle, some type of chemical poisoning. Likewise, the bodies did not show any signs indicating bumps or scratches which would have been produced by anything connected to the pool’s operating system.

Because of all of the above, and the tests carried out so far, including the personal statements of the other two family members, who were the only direct witnesses to the incident, the police indicate that we are facing a tragic accident caused by the lack of expertise of the victims when swimming when they went into the deep zone of the swimming pool where they could not make footing.

The Judicial Police Team of Mijas (Málaga) is conducting the investigation, led by the head of Court No. 2 of Fuengirola.





26th December 2019

Club La Costa World resort continues to co-operate fully with the authorities investigating this appalling tragedy. We have followed their directions at all times. Naturally, we will continue to offer every assistance and comply fully and transparently with any requests made by them.

At the same time, we are doing everything possible to provide care and support to bereaved family members and to all our other guests.

Out of respect for the family, we have no further comment at this stage on various media speculation.




25th December 2019

CLC World would like to provide an update to our earlier statement:

All at Club La Costa World resort are devastated by the tragedy that unfolded on Tuesday (24th December), where a father and his two children were found unresponsive in a swimming pool and, despite the best efforts of our first response team and the emergency services, could not be revived.

The Guardia Civil have carried out a full investigation and gave formal permissions to reopen the pool as they found no concerns relating to the pool or procedures in place, which leaves us to believe this was a tragic accident which has left everyone surrounding the incident in shock.

Naturally, our primary concern remains the care and support of the remaining family members; we would therefore request that their privacy be respected at this traumatic time.




24th December 2019

Management at Club La Costa World resort would like to offer its heartfelt condolences to the family affected by the loss of three family members on 24th December 2019.

The guests were found unresponsive in one of the resort’s pools. First response teams and emergency services attended and administered first aid.

The management are assisting the authorities fully with their investigation into the deaths.

We would like to thank our first response team and the emergency services for their quick and appropriate responses and our staff for the continuing support of the family at this difficult time.