Project Description



If you are looking for an amazing underwater experience in San Miguel Marina without getting wet, Submarine Safaris offers the ultimate family experience.

As the submarine submerges over 100ft below the Atlantic, hundreds of different species of fish and marine life peer into the windows. If you want to get up close and personal with one of the most spectacular species, watch out for the Submarine Safari diver who swims up to the vessel accompanied by a giant stingray.

The fish species are easily identifiable with the help of a chart beside the submarine windows. The diving area has developed into an underwater marine park which attracts a number of stingrays. The divers look after the rays to ensure a natural environment is maintained where they can breed and develop.

If you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or planning a wedding proposal, a free service for special messages can be arranged when booking. The Submarine Safari diver will hold up a message board under water to surprise someone special.

The Sub Fun Cinco submarine is one of the most sophisticated to operate in the world today and an on-tour guide will explain all you need to know about the dive and the vessel. Individual seats in front of large viewing ports with TV monitors ensure you don’t miss anything.

One of the most popular family attractions in Tenerife, the Submarine Safari lasts for one hour including boarding and disembarking. If you fancy some refreshments before or after the dive, the reception area has its own terrace cafe which offers great views across to Mount Teide.

Easily accessible from your CLC World resort.