Project Description



Loro Parque, located in Puerto de la Cruz, is home to a world of wonderful animals, colourful parrots, mischievous sea lions and a family of orca whales.

Over 300 species of birds, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, sloths, snakes, jaguars, meerkats and much more live in a semi-natural environment in this modern and exciting zoo, within easy reach of our CLC Tenerife resorts.

Loro Parque has recreated Antarctic conditions for Planet Penguin, where scores of these cute creatures dive off ice blocks into the freezing water.

Planet Penguin replicates the types of conditions Antarctic penguins need and love. Special machines produce 12 tons of snow a day and the water is kept at around seven degrees. Watch as they jump off huge ice boulders, dive into the deep cold waters for a swim, feast on fish and cuddle together in the falling snow.


Since opening in 1972, over 19 million visitors have passed through the doors of Loro Parque, which promises an amazing day out for all the family. As its name would suggest, Loro Parque is home to over 3,000 parrots which includes 300 species and sub-species. Almost 2,400 are housed in the breeding station, where you can sometimes see the little ones hatching and feeding.

Orca Ocean

Orca Ocean was introduced to the Park in 2006 and has become one of the most popular attractions. Working closely with the USA, the project has successfully bred four orcas in captivity, which live in one of the most modern installations of the world, consisting of 22.5 million litres of seawater.


Playful, fun and full of tricks, the dolphin show is not to be missed. These intelligent and cute creatures play to music and jump out of the water during an impressive display that will have every member of the family smiling. Take a seat in the huge 1,800 capacity stadium and enjoy an incredible performance.

Loro Parque provides the best care and environment for the dolphins. The pools contain seven million litres of sea water and are amongst the most modern in the world.

The Park also works closely with veterinarians, biologists and scientists to make sure the dolphins are safe and happy. Five dolphins have been born in this dolphinarium, which pays tribute to all the hard work that goes on there.


The noisy chimpanzees with their human-like traits live in a new enclosure with lush vegetation, waterfalls and streams to keep them entertained. The chimps enjoy a natural environment after being rescued from living in appalling conditions and being donated to Loro Parque.


The spectacular aquarium at Loro Parque is home to a vibrant array of sea life, including sharks, piranhas and hundreds of colourful tropical fish. The aquarium contains more than 20,000 aquatic species and plants and 1.2 million litres of water. Seven themed exhibits recreate eco-systems from different regions of the world and a coral reef has been created, using volcanic rock from the south of Tenerife.


The largest group of Western Lowland gorillas in the world can be found in ‘Villa Gorilla’, a huge enclosure built in 1992 with the help of the European Breeding Programme for Animals in Danger of Extinction.

Seven males share the space which was created to ensure a greater genetic variety within the gorilla population, thus contributing to the conservation of this highly endangered species.

The living conditions of the gorillas are quite luxurious, and the animals are fascinating to watch as they roam around their enclosure. Under-floor heating, waterfalls, rocks and constant ventilation keep the gorillas happy, while trees and plants provide excellent hiding places.

Watching these huge animals eat, play and communicate with each other is captivating and makes for some excellent photographs.

A wide choice of cafeterias and restaurants in Loro Parque offer Spanish tapas, grilled meats, pizzas, local dishes and specialty ice creams.

Loro Parque provides a great day out for all the family. Ask at CLC reception for details of tours, excursions and exclusive car hire discounts for members.