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At CLC World we know our links with diverse charities across the UK really can make a world of difference to those who need it most. From helping families reconnect after time apart to supporting those battling medical conditions, CLC World's Charity Holidays initiative allows families to make time for one another. We've invited them to share these happy experiences at CLC World resorts with us and with you.

"This week has given us a sense of 'Paradise' and a real holiday and a rest from the demands. This has then allowed us to really enjoy being together and to be a 'normal' family with the bonus of the hot, hot sun!"
" Words cannot express just how... "
" We enjoyed real quality time... "
" It has been really, really... "
" We were allowed to have a... "
" Thank you all for the great... "
" CLC World Charity Holidays... "
" We are so grateful for the... "
" I just want to say a big... "
" We had an amazing time in... "
" Thank you for a break in the... "
" We have had an amazing family... "
"A fantastic family time spent at Apollonium Spa & Beach resort...can't thank the staff enough for helping us create new memories...hopefully we will be back in the near future...amazing place and people."
" I would just like to say... "
"Being away as a family for the first time since the diagnosis in a very different place and doing lots of different fun things took the focus off the CF for a while and life suddenly seemed possible again."
" Thank you to you all for the... "
"We had a fantastic time in Orlando and staying in such a lovely villa really made the holiday extra special for us."
" We were overwhelmed by your... "
"We had an amazing time and the resort was fantastic!"
" Coping with an arduous... "
" We are so proud of what was... "
" I just cant say thank you... "
" Thank you very much for this... "
" We would just like to say a... "
" The family and myself enjoyed... "
" All the staff were great and... "
" We all had an amazing time... "
" We wanted to thank you for... "
" We got so many photos and... "
"It's terrific and I think I can speak for every carer whom I've ever met, this is ideal."
" Our charity partnership with... "
" Dreams Come True is a charity... "
" We just wouldn't have been... "
" When You Wish Upon a Star is... "
" CLC Worlds partnership with... "
"Thank you so much for supplying our comfortable and spacious accommodation, it was really lovely."
" We are so busy as a family... "
"The staff members were fantastic!"
" Using our holiday... "
" Using our holiday... "
" Using our holiday... "
" Using our holiday... "
" Using our holiday... "
" Using our holiday... "
"It was a lovely experience and as a family we could enjoy being together in wonderful weather, a lovely apartment and with good food."
"Its good to spend time away from your residence and do things together that you would not normally do."
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