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Times have changed and a new way of living and working, with zero boundaries has emerged. As a global nation, with wifi and more flexible work conditions enabling many to work from anywhere, we can travel to new countries while working totally online.

Spain is the ideal place for digital nomads. But where exactly? Spain is a beautiful, multi-faceted country offering an abundance of locations to choose from – so it comes down to personal choice – city or country, coast or inland.

What makes an ideal location for a digital nomad?

Digital nomads need one key thing to enable remote working and that is good wifi and internet connection. But those who live this lifestyle are also looking for more: coffee shops to work from, co-working spaces, networking events and leisure opportunities.

Excellent wifi and internet

No internet, no work. It’s not just the bars and coffee shops either. They will want to rent accommodation with a fast internet connection, and fibre optic is almost essential.

Cities with wifi connection at the street level are fantastic options, as an hour or two working from a park bench provides a refreshing change of environment.


Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are revolutionary for digital nomads.  Whether it’s a space within a hotel or dedicated buildings, they offer internet connection, meeting spaces and other office services at a reasonable price.

This also allows them to network and maintain a corporate vibe when necessary.


Coffee shops

Dialling down the corporate feel but still mixing with others, the favoured working place for many digital nomads is a coffee shop. Or rather, several with a pleasant atmosphere that makes it great for working.

Moving from one coffee shop to another, makes working remotely a great lifestyle option. Málaga is a prime example of this, with its myriad bars and coffee shops in the city centre, on the waterfront or tucked in a park.


Leisure Opportunities

The freedom of working from anywhere is that you get to enjoy life to the full. As soon as the working day is done, it’s out to explore the surroundings – creating the perfect work-life balance.

Whether that’s heading to the beach for surfing – and Tenerife is ideal for that – checking out the art scene or discovering the local cuisine, a great location will offer a wide range to choose from.

Why is Spain the perfect hotspot to enjoy a nomadic lifestyle?


Simply, because its cities meet all the requirements digital nomads are looking for.

Cities like Madrid or Barcelona are start-up hubs, with plenty of business opportunities and great for networking. Leisure opportunities are plentiful, whether country or coast. The low cost of living compared to other European cities makes Spain a really attractive option, and let’s not forget the weather.

Finally, the Spanish people. They’re open-minded, friendly and their love of life shines through. Find out more, here.

Top spots in Spain for digital nomads

The Canary Islands

For many considered paradise. The climate is such it’s a spring/summer feeling all year round. That’s why it’s not just foreigners but Spanish nationals that head for the islands.

Year after year, Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have become a digital nomad emigration point. Nomadalist, ranks them in the top worldwide as places for digital nomads to settle for a time, and Lonely Planet places Las Palmas in the number 1 spot.


Malaga is one of the best cities in Europe for working from anywhere, with good public transport, low cost of living and great coffee shops to work in. The tech park is also booming, great for remote working job opps.

In fact, the cost of living in Malaga or Tenerife is around 40% cheaper than Europe’s capital cities and your quality of life goes up exponentially. If you love art, the multitude of museums, galleries and urban art locations are just your cup of tea. Then there’s beaches, restaurants and the annual feria – a 10 day long party.


The city is dynamic, with thousands of activities daily. Spain’s second city is first when it comes to co-working spaces. Finding a coffee shop for brunch and a few hours at the laptop is easy too, there’s usually one within a five minute stroll.

Barcelona is one of the top 10 start-up hubs in the whole of Europe. Global talent, good infrastructure and an entrepreneurial spirit enable expats to thrive there.


Valencia is Barcelona with a lower price tag.  Similar weather and a similar vibe, but cheaper.

The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches, some interesting modern architecture and tonnes of things to do. And if you’re a fan of paella – welcome home!