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Two ‘W’ acronyms firmly established themselves in 2020 – WFH and WFA. CLC World is adding another: WFC – Work From Club.

A change is as good as a rest, but the familiarity of a resort you know and love is a great option. Take advantage of flexible working by heading to a CLC World resort in Spain and working from your club. As soon as you log off, you’ve got the beauty of Spain to enjoy.

Here are 5 excellent reasons to WFC…

Sunny Climate

Sunny Climate

Spain and her islands have excellent coastlines to enjoy, and those on the Costa del Sol and Canary Islands enjoy warm temperatures all year round. If you love being outside and enjoy nature, Spain has not only beaches but also mountains and stunning scenery.

Sunny weather during the winter months is great for positive mental health, as is the change of scenery from your home to what many members consider their second home – a CLC World resort.


Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Forget soaring electricity bills as you deal with a cold winter. At your Spanish CLC World resort there’s no need to worry, everything’s included and warmer temperatures meaning very little in the way of heating.

Malaga is one of the best cities in Europe for working from anywhere, with good public transport, low cost of living and great coffee shops to work in, should you want to stray from your comfortable and spacious accommodation.

In fact, the cost of living in Malaga or Tenerife is around 40% cheaper than Europe’s capital cities and your quality of life goes up exponentially.


Different but Familiar

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When WFC, you’re not entering into the unknown but to a familiar setting associated with good times and memories. At the same time, it’s giving you a break from the working norm – a much needed breath of fresh air.

The same warm welcome awaits you.

With reliable wifi, plenty of working space either in your apartment or in one of the bars, lounges and restaurants and close to outdoor activities and the beach, you can celebrate the familiar from a different viewpoint.


Culture & Cuisine

Spanish Paella

The Spanish work to live and that’s evident in their food and culture. Spanish cuisine is world famous and home to paella, Iberian ham, Spanish tortilla (tortilla de patatas) and fried fish to name a few. They also have fantastic local wines and beers to complete the picture.

With a long and varied history from Phoenicians through Romans, Moorish conquest to the more recent Franco regime, there’s so much to see and learn in this fascinating country, and no reason to ever be bored.




In Spain, there’s no issue with time zones as you’re essentially the same time (bar an hour difference with Portugal and UK on the mainland) and also overlap with the US working day. If your team or customers are located in Europe, you can more or less keep to your normal working hours.

Another benefit is that the Spanish socialise well into the night thanks to the siesta habit. If you finish a 9-5 session, you’ll find the day is just getting underway!