CLC World resorts & Hotels

This isn't simply a place where you holiday...

this is where you love to be.



Imagine your perfect destination, a place where you can relax and unwind, a haven for you and your family to be together.


“Have been enjoying this view for the last 25 years ♥ beautiful.”

Katherine Stone, via Facebook @clcworld


Stylish Accommodation

Spacious interior designed living, under-stated luxury and impeccable attention-to-detail.

This isn’t simply a place where you holiday, this is what you deserve.

“Just left San Diego Signature Collection Suites…
amazing hospitality and customer service…”

IIze Skadmane, via Facebook @clcworld

“We stayed here in May, the staff, food, accommodation,
surroundings were magnificent, 100% satisfaction!!”

Christopher Mc Gaughey, via Facebook @clcworld


Have it all on holiday… Have it at your own pace, in your way, in your own luxurious surroundings.

This isn’t simply a place where you holiday…

this is where you own