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Ground Control to Major Tom…if you are deeply fascinated by space exploration and was wowed by the blockbuster film Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, then there’s an experience you simply have to have on your Florida holiday that rivals anything offered at the theme parks – a reality show like no other!

At the Kennedy Space Center they still fire off rockets, but whether lucky enough to have timed your visit with a rocket launch or not, you will literally have an ‘out of this world’ time and could even find yourself talking to a veteran astronaut over lunch! Every manned NASA space flight since 1968 was launched here, and many unmanned launches continue to happen.

Forget any notion of dry ‘museum’; depending on your choice of ticket among the various encounters available are incredible spacecraft exhibits, space memorabilia, answers to questions you’ve pondered, insights into the development of the space program and latest news, launch days and a chance to experience an interactive space flight simulator. There is a six-storey Shuttle Launch facility, showings of IMAX ® 3D space films, organised bus tours of the facility and so much to stimulate the imagination; making this highly educational, absorbing and fun for all the family.

It is strongly advisable to visit the website if you want to be certain of making the most of your time there. There are many different packages and ticket types, and if you don’t want to use your hire car there are transport included trips from Orlando.

For the truly space-mad teenager or adult, the Astronaut Training Experience®ATX ($145 plus tax, min. age 14, advance reservations essential) will be entirely thrilling. Most popular entry is on the KSC Complex Admission Ticket from $52.95, while the All Access Space package from $111.29 includes lunch with a real life rocket man, or maybe woman.

Whatever you plan, you’ll need at least a long day at the Center at Cape Canaveral, it’ll pass all too quickly (!), and there is also an important wildlife sanctuary and possibility of an airboat ride. Closed only on Christmas Day, Kennedy Space Center is an easily manageable trip from your resort for fans eager to explore ‘to infinity – and beyond’.