In a world of countless holiday possibilities, it is reassuring that you can get a flavour of the standard of your future holidays with us before making a commitment, and to experience if our resorts are for you.

We’re confident you
won’t be disappointed.

So much so, we offer 7-night promotional stays on the Costa del Sol, Tenerife or the Aegean Coast, or 4-nights in Cornwall – with huge discounts off normal prices – you just pay a nominal booking fee (please note, this is accommodation only: flights, food and insurance are excluded from this offer). Remember, we want you to see us in all our glory, so your hotel room or 1 or 2 bedroom apartment will be to a high standard, plus you have the same use of resort facilities as everyone else.

All we ask in return is for you to join us for no more than a morning or afternoon. In this short time, we will show you a fun and interactive multimedia presentation, and tell you more about our services and products. Then for the remainder of your stay, our world is all yours.

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