Our World keeps turning

We may have set out as a small, private members’ club in Spain, but led by the entrepreneurial spirit of founder and Chairman Roy Peires the company has achieved phenomenal growth and global status.

Our current portfolio of 32 CLC World resorts continues to grow as we explore new exciting destinations.

Expansion of our resorts’ portfolio took a significant turn when we ‘crossed the pond’ in 2010; opening Encantada resort in Orlando the following year, and introducing our multi-use resort concept to the US. Demand led rapidly to a second project, Regal Oaks, in the same leading world destination.

With expansion beyond Europe so successfully set on course, our original parent company name of Club La Costa, which had earned tremendous respect both within and outside of the industry, ceased to be as comfortable a fit; we had simply outgrown it. Following a rebranding exercise in 2012 we rebranded in 2013 as CLC World Resorts & Hotels across the whole of our US and European operations.

In the same year, our resort management division expanded with the acquisition of UK based Resort Solutions Ltd, a company managing 13 resorts across Europe representing 10,000 members, to sit alongside CLC World’s 40,000+ membership and expanding portfolio of worldwide resorts. Our other main company divisions are a full service travel agency – CLC World Travel; a company architect and internal design team; a dedicated estate agency – CLC Estates; CLC World Holidays promoting rentals at resorts and Sales & Marketing.

Kusadasi Golf & Spa resort - Part of the expanding CLC World family in TurkeyOur current portfolio of 32 CLC World resorts continues to grow as we explore new exciting destinations. We also have a private members’ yacht club offering crewed catamaran sailing holidays in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, and a joint venture narrowboat operation, plying the UK’s historic waterways.

As we push forwards with our business plans, we are creating a place for our company beyond its long established position as a leader in the European shared ownership industry, where our story began, to sit among the pantheon of the world’s leading hospitality groups.