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England takes bronze at Dance World Championships!

Qualifying to represent Team England in the Dance World Cup Finals was an incredible achievement for the girls of View Pointe Dance Company, led by Holly Thompson, daughter of CLC World members. Bringing home bronze was icing on the cake!

The girls had to raise funds to attend the finals held in Portugal, and CLC World chipped in to sponsor their tracksuits. The competition involved 18,000 competitors from 32 countries, putting the girls among the crème de la crème of contemporary dance troupes.

Scoring 90.7, it was a thrilling moment when the announcement of 3rd place for the troupe’s ‘Bring Me Back to Life’ performance was made, hear it and see how the girls performed

“The girls would like to say a big thank you to CLC World for the support they gave to the project,” said proud mum Barbara Thompson.

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