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As part of its emergency response 1,248 guests staying at CLC World’s Club La Costa World Costa del Sol resort were evacuated to safety following the outbreak of fire on land near the resort on Sunday evening. CLC World has carefully prepared contingency plans and the resort’s security team and key heads of department organised the operation.  San Diego Suites, Malibu Mansions, Sierra Marina, Marina del Sol phase III and IV and the resort’s restaurants were all cleared and guests were directed by staff acting as marshalls to a safe part of the resort while other staff members set about tackling the blaze with hoses. The fire was reported at 17.00 and emergency services were on site within 30 minutes, using eight air craft and seven fire trucks to extinguish the fire.

CLC World’s resort management director Richard Fletcher said: “Our contingency plan is finely honed and guests responded promptly to the need to move to a place of safety. Those with mobility difficulties were assisted by staff using their cars. We received the all-clear to occupy apartments in San Diego Suites and phase III and IV of Marina del Sol at 20.05 and Malibu mansions and Sierra Marina at 21.30. Fortunately the prompt action of our staff and the skill of the emergency services meant that no damage was caused to any buildings. We have been carrying out a thorough review this morning (Monday) to ensure that all is well, and I’m pleased to say that the resort is fully operational and it is business as usual. One of our security guards was treated at the nearest hospital for smoke inhalation and exhaustion and is recovering, and we pay tribute to all those who took part in managing the fire as well as thanking our guests for their understanding. We had already taken pre-emptive action by excavating open land and removing dry scrub near our resort and these measures coupled with the speedy response of our staff and emergency services, meant that the potential impact was carefully contained.”


  1. Kevin mulliganKevin mulligan07-10-2014

    I would like to take the opportunity of thanking mrs Proctor the real estates manager of CLC Malaga, for her most helpfull and urgent assistance in helping us to get home from our holiday on time.

    We were due to leave by taxi at 6.30 pm on the Sunday evening to travel to Malaga airport to return home from our weeks break in the Santa Cruz suites at Clc.

    We travelled with our grandson over to the other side of the site on the regular trolley train ride for the last time for my grandson. When the fire became widespread behind the resort, resulting in plumes of acrid smoke and falling ash everywhere. We had earlier released our room, therefore whilst awaiting our return to the airport we left our luggage in the reception area of Santa Cruz suites , with the secure porters room. In our luggage was passports, money and our belongings. Sadly upon the finding the severity of the fire and smoke we were at the far end of the resort, our return to our luggage was blocked by countless police, fire fighters and Clc personnel refusing our return to the dangerous area near to the fire source.

    As the time for our taxi came and went, we were evacuated from the reception area in marina del sol area on resort, down to the A7 area by the road and sea front. Upon when we met with Mrs Proctor, who having learned our plight, requested us to jump in her car, where she sought a route with the permission of the emergency authorities to access our luggage. Mrs Proctor swiftly transported ourselves and luggage at great haste into a waiting taxi who sped us speedily to the airport in 25 minutes from the resort in heavy delayed traffic, getting us to the departure area just after 8pm, for the 8.30 flight back to Leeds.

    Equally helpfull Jet2 staff at check in, understood our plight, and speedily checked in our luggage and rushed us through security to make get departure gate with only minutes to spare.

    A big thanks to Jet2, the taxi driver, who received a big tip ! But mostly to Mrs S Proctor for her swift intervention and helpfulness in helping us out massively into getting us on our journey back home.

    Many thanks from Kevin & Lorely Mulligan, and grandson 3 yr old Jacob. We are indebted to you quick thinking and positive actions.

    See you next year.


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