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Waitress saves guest’s life at Safari Restaurant

Guests of Club La Costa World are accustomed to the resort and its staff providing them with holiday accommodation that exceeds the usual quality standards and service that ensures a great stay. But perhaps what most guests don’t appreciate is that some of the resort staff are also ready, willing and able to save their lives!

Last Thursday, a family dining in there sort’s Safari restaurant could have been hit hard by a potential tragedy that was prevented by a well-qualified waitress, Pepi Bellido Guzman.

At one of the tables were sat two couples – a father, mother, daughter and son-in-law – with two young children. Pepi passed the table and saw the older man, the children’s grandfather,standing up but strangely hunched.”I thought he was going to vomit,” recalled Pepi. However, when the woman stood up and began to bang the man on his back, she noticed the nervous looks on the faces of the other guests and suddenly realised that the situation was very serious indeed.

The guest was clearly choking and could neither breathe nor even cough, which is the number one sign that the airway is completely blocked. This was a genuine, ‘life and death’ emergency situation, where every second is vital and quick reactions and brave decisions can make all the difference.

And that caused Pepi to use all of her knowledge and training… to save a life!

The waitress quickly stood behind the host and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre, which involves ’embracing’ the choking person just below the ribs and squeezing upwards with both arms. “To do that, I had to bend my knees, but it wasn’t easy because of the difference in physical size between me and the guest,” said Pepi.

Instantly, a piece of meat nearly four inches long was thrown from the guest’s mouth and, at the same time,a breath of life-giving oxygen entered his lungs. Pepi, the Club La Costa World waitress, had unquestionably saved his life.

And days later, when the family was able to thank Pepi for her quick thinking and timely intervention, she modestly told them, “You have to enjoy life.”

Pepi, 44, has worked for CLC World Resorts & Hotels for four years and admits to feeling happy and proud about saving the guest’s life. However, when telling the story, you sense in her words that she would simply prefer to play down her enormous feat.

Such is the way of true heroes.

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