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Tenerife: the even friendlier isle

This summer, Tenerife residents, businesses and tourism representatives are being asked to be extra nice and polite to visitors.

A  campaign titled  ‘Tenerife Buena Gente’ , or nice people, promotes kindness, good manners and generosity toward the island’s tourists, who are its main source of income.

Some 5 million people visit annually and the biggest proportion by nationality, almost a third, are Brits.  A spokesperson for the island’s Tourism Corporation, which is spearheading the campaign, says locals are naturally welcoming, kind and patient. “We want visitors to connect with our people and experience these personality traits first hand so we inspire them to return time and again,” he said.

Tips on how to be a ‘nicer person’ are on the corporation’s website and Tenerife’s Hotel Association has introduced specific courses. The island already has a reputation for being one of Europe’s friendliest holiday destinations, but could it be about to become even friendlier!

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