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Jennie sets a royal pace for the over 50s!

CLC World ambassador Jennie Bond swapped her elegant heels for a pair of trainers as she took up the challenge of competing in the Bupa London 10,000 race on Sunday – not only that, Jennie was on hand with double world and Olympic champion Mo Farah to start the race.

More than 12,000 top runners, keen amateurs and folk running for charity enjoyed warm sunshine and a great reception from the crowd as they made their way around the course, which takes in top London tourist landmarks including St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, which have been a part of the fabric of Jennie’s professional life as a journalist and Royal commentator.

Jennie completed the race in a magnificent one hour 21 minutes, and ran as part of Bupa’s First Step campaign, set up after research revealed that 60 per cent of UK adults believe that their bodies will no longer be up to running once they reach 50. But almost a third of people aged 65+ said they would take on a challenge like a run to prove to family and friends they could still do it, and Jennie’s job was to show that, with the right support, you can take on a running challenge no matter what your age!photo 2

Jennie has never been one to shirk a challenge – after all, she has lain in an underground coffin filled with rats in ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ – so she was delighted to help Bupa get across its important message. She worked with Bupa’s physiotheraphist, who said she had a natural running style – a surprise to Jennie, who was never sporty and especially hated running!

She keeps fit by enjoying long walks along the coast near her Devon home and doing pilates and Zumba in the village hall. And with just three weeks in which to train for the race she started running along the coastal path, sometimes joined by daughter Emma – a lot more scenic than pounding a city pavement!

Jennie said: “I’m not a runner, and I have never ever run 10k before so quite honestly I am feeling quite proud of myself!  I was nervous about getting round but the crowd support was fantastic and spurred me on and thanks to Bupa I have discovered a new form of exercise. I will be 64in a couple of months and I’m definitely not too old to run, even if I have to walk some of the way! It’s a great way to keep fit and healthy and there’s something very satisfying about running a race. Starting the race with Mo was a real honour. He was lovely and charming and gave me some very useful tips on how to pace myself and enjoy it. I may well keep it up now. So don’t be surprised to see me stepping out for a short run when I’m next on resort at CLC World!”

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