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CLC World sponsors CD La Cala football club

Currently lying in second position, eight points adrift of the league leaders and two points ahead of the third-placed team in the Regional Preferente division, CD La Cala are facing their final four league games of the season still with a great chance of gaining promotion to the Primera Andaluza league.

To achieve their season’s ultimate goal, the club’s players will be giving everything they have until the last moment of each of the four games, and while doing so, they will be proudly wearing the CLC World logo on their shirts.

CLC World has been a keen sponsor of the local amateur club for over 20 years and the company’s Executive Manager of Resorts Management José Luis Mella recently handed over the company’s latest sponsorship cheque for €6,000.

The company’s long-held objective is to collaborate with local organisations and clubs within the areas in which they operate, and Mr. Mella said, “Sport is an important part of everyday life and we have always been pleased to help CD La Cala to offer local kids the chance to stay strong and healthy through competitive sport in their own town. What’s more, we are proud to sponsor a team from the Mijas area who can rightly wear our name and logo on their shirts. We know the football team is doing very well this season and we wish them all the success in the world in their attempt to win promotion.”

Club President, Francisco Rosales, and team captain, Alex Corpas, were equally pleased to confirm how happy they are to have the support of CLC World, and of all the financial support they receive each season, the sponsorship from the company is considered to be by far the most important. “This money is incredibly important for us,” the President said, adding, “We are proud to have had the support of CLC World these past 20 years and it will continue to be very important for us, both now and going forward, especially if we are successful in our efforts to win promotion to the Andalucian league.”

Alex Corpas added his own thanks, saying, “This support will help us to be even more competitive in our final four games, which are, in reality, like four quarter finals. We really appreciate the help from CLC World, especially at this point in the season. In fact, we invite the company to come to the remaining home games, where we hope we can share with them the excitement of gaining promotion.” Corpas couldn’t hide how impressed he was with the company’s Club La Costa World resort. When asked by a journalist how he would feel if the company were to reward the team’s promotion with a stay at the resort, he answered, “It wouldn’t be bad at all!”

The company’s involvement with the La Cala club goes much further than its support for the senior football team. The club’s total budget is aimed at a wider sporting club, where twelve teams compete in different sports activities with the aim of promoting sporting values among children of different ages. CLC World are not only first team shirt sponsors but also have an advertising and media presence in each of the sporting locations at which the club’s various teams appear.

Photo: L-R, Alex Corpas, José Luis Mella and Francisco Rosales.

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