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Giant fun in St Agnes

According to folklore, Cornwall was once overrun by giants and the most feared among them: Bolster, with a reputation for eating children, is still among them… at least for a few days in May when St Agnes stages its Bolster Festival.

The festival takes place May 2-5 with life-size puppet characters, including a giant and fearsome looking Bolster, recreating the legend. A lantern procession, bonfire and barbecue take place on the first day, with clay houses fired to symbolise the village. The next day the Knight Sir Constantine and his drummers roam the streets seeking out Bolster, with a thrilling cliff-top confrontation.

All are welcomed to follow the procession up to St Agnes Beacon; a landmark owned by the National Trust with exquisite views of the Cornish coastline and, on a clear day, as many as 32 church towers. Following the re-enactment, the musicians and dancers head for the car park at Chapel Forth beach for further performances and where refreshments are available from Robin’s café.

If you should be visiting Cornwall sooner this spring, then St Agnes has a new event introduced only last year: The Outsid’er weekend (April 11-13). It promises fun activities, arts and crafts, music and sports included, celebrating the natural environment in a bid to get everyone outdoors and enjoying themselves.

St Agnes, which is a drive of 27 miles from CLC World resort Hustyns and under an hour’s drive from CLC World resort Trenython Manor, is a spectacular and unspoilt location; it sits in both a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a World Heritage Site on the county’s north coast.

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