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CLC World co-sponsors Fuengirola tourism initiative

CLC World’s co-sponsorship of the 3rd annual ‘Cazuela de la Abuela’ event – celebrating traditional Spanish home-cooking in the form of hearty stews and casseroles – was cemented yesterday at a formal opening ceremony in FuengirolaTown Hall.

At a televised meeting in the splendid surroundings of the Salon Real, mayor Esperanza Oña officially welcomed representatives of the sponsoring companies and participating restaurants while expressing her support for the event, which this year has grown from 63 to 73 restaurants.

The mayor stated that the ‘Cazuela de la Abuela’ is a very welcome winter boost for the town’s reputation as a tourist venue and also noted that many other towns in Spain have copied the event for their own purposes – a reaction that clearly pleased her as she commented that, “Apparently, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”

abuela (WinCE)To join in the fun and enjoy some great Spanish food straight from ‘grandma’s kitchen’, you can pick up an event ‘passport’ from the Town Hall, Fuengirola Tourist Office or one of the participating restaurants.

Your passport will contain a map marking all of the restaurants on the ‘Cazuela de la Abuela’ route around Fuengirola, where a portion of stew with a drink will cost just a standard €2 in every outlet. You can also vote for the best dish and prizes will be awarded to the restaurant with the recipe that attracts the most votes.

Why not try to win a prize yourself? Just make sure your event ‘passport’ is stamped every time you enjoy a bowl of stew around town during the period from15th February until 2nd March – there’s no rush to sample them all in one sitting! At the end of the event, every passport submitted to the Town Hall with at least 5 stamps will be entered into a fantastic prize draw, including 2 weeks holiday accommodation courtesy of CLC World!

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