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Going with the flow on a volcanic island

Tenerife’s volcanic legacy has been turned to advantage as the focus of a new online video promoting the island from a different perspective.

‘The Island of Hidden Volcanoes’ focuses on Tenerife’s strange terrains and the opportunities provided for outdoor adventure, alongside the more usual holiday pleasures of sunshine, crystal clear waters, food and drink – including locally produced wine from vines grown on volcanic soil and banana plantations.

Whether hiking across lava fields, soaring above the earth for an aerial view from a cable car, bicycling or diving, the island presents evidence of the activity that has shaped it over the centuries, reaching back seven million years with the creation of its northwest corner.

Videos, a brochure with maps and more information about the five identified Volcanic territories can be downloaded at

Pia Louw, travel industry and promotion director at Tenerife Tourism Corporation, which has launched the online campaign, believes creative video content is the best way to show off the island’s assets as a destination and engage with a higher number of potential visitors.

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