Holidaying Brits enjoy a fatter wallet in Turkey

The continuing downward spiral of the Turkish lira spells good news for holidaymakers heading to the country’s shores this year. Further slumps mean British travellers will receive around 28% – or more – when they exchange money, compared to 2013.

Now at a record five-year low, anyone exchanging £500, for example, can get the equivalent of almost £110 more money than in 2009 – a rise of 62%! All of which makes Turkey a very attractive holiday destination in 2014; one that has always offered good value but now even more so… though you may need to act soon to secure the best deal.

Those with second homes, or considering buying property there, will also look to take advantage of these favourable exchange rate deals. As at January 13 2014, the UK post office quoted a rate of 3.4114 to £sterling – with higher rates for larger amounts and 3.4398 on sums over £2000. But buyers are always advised to shop around and monitor exchange rate movements.

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