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Forest fire on the Costa del Sol

Updated – 3rd September 2012

The wildfires that were burning out of control on the Costa del Sol have now been extinguished. A total of 8200 hectares was damaged during what the local press are saying are the worst fires in many many years.

Thankfully, as we reported on Friday, Club La Costa World resorts here on the Costa del Sol were completely unaffected by the fire and it is business as usual.

Last night at 6.50pm a forest fire started burning and rapidly spread due to high winds and now covers an area of almost 1000 hectares of the Costa del Sol.

The latest news we have from the Consorcio de Bomberos de Málaga (Malaga Provincial Fire-Fighters Consortium) is that the fire has been stabilised but is not under full control.

In response to messages across our social channels asking for information, we can gladly report that the Costa del Sol resorts of Club La Costa World are completely unaffected by this fire, the hot-spots are over 20km away.

If you are here with us on resort at this time, you may have seen smoke in the distance or the fire planes flying past overhead, and if you are heading to our resorts over the weekend or into next week, it’s business as usual!

However, we would like to send a message of good luck to the fire crews and hope everyone stays safe at this time.

In addition, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have issued a statement saying emergency services were on the scene of fires burning in forests around Barranco Blanco, between Mijas Costa and Coin in the Malaga area of the Costa del Sol.

“Travellers and residents are advised to follow instructions given by the local authorities,” the FCO said

Picture Credit: NeilHeyes

  1. D PattinsonD Pattinson07-07-2014

    There is obviously a breakdown if definition in the phrase ‘hot spot’. We had hot spots within 50 meters of San Diego suits and even less at the back of Sierra Marina flats. The helicopters were coming in at near tree level to douse the flames. 20 km away was a joke!
    The CLC establishment seriously need to look at their fire drill procedure. Information and guidance was poor/ non existent. CLC sowed an inadequate response to what could have been An emergency situation.

    Poor Job CLC….room for considerable improvement

  2. Phil HolmanPhil Holman07-07-2014

    Have you an update on the Fire there yesterday which did affect you main Costa del Sol Resorts?

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