Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort

A truly exciting destination, away from the hustle and bustle but with plenty to see and do, is the fabulous resort of Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort in Bozbük Bay, on the fabulous unspoilt coastline of south-west Turkey.

Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort is beachfront overlooking a pristine white sand beach, gently lapped by the turquoise waters of the Aegean, while a backdrop of olive groves and pine clad mountains completes the idyllic scene. The extensive on-site facilities include several swimming pools, a chic beach club, fitness and spa centre with an indoor swimming pool, mini golf, water sports, bars and restaurants.

This is a region chock-full of interest being rich in tradition, culture and history, and with charming and friendly seaside towns. The attractive town of Akbuk lies close by. A lovely, tranquil place, with traditional Turkish charm, its tree-lined promenade, lit at night, is the perfect place to stroll following a delicious meal of freshly caught sea bass at one of the local restaurants.

Also within a short ride is the attractive seaside town of Altinkum (golden sand) – which is devoted to leisure and pleasure with three safe, sandy beaches, shops and nightlife centred around its Dolphin Square.

Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort is beachfront overlooking a pristine white sand beach, gently lapped by the turquoise waters of the Aegean.

A holiday here is perfect for relaxing, but also for sightseeing opportunities, with important archaeological sites including the famous ruins at Ephesus; shopping and haggling for bargains; all manner of water sports; nature walks; boat trips and excursions – including jeep safaris, and a diverting nightlife with everything from belly dancing bars to discos and clubs.

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Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort

Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort Bozbuk, Bozbuk Bay, Milas, Mugla, Turkey

  • phone: +90 252 564 0011
  • fax: +90 252 564 0041

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